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Whut 6 years ago
I came here for booty, not racism
White boy 6 years ago
10-15 years ago I saw a video where Vanessa Blue was sitting on a char, reading a magazine, black mesh top, she was like "can I suck your dick?", then come white cock appeared, and she started sucking it. Anyone have a link?
@JohnnyTheGoat 5 years ago
HER name is in the description, so all you little kids who ain't getting no ass need to stop watching porn and stay in school
Nice video 6 years ago
All you racist mother fuckers need to get the hell out of the US. You are scum
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This is probably the best porn video ever made.
Danny 6 years ago
I love it when bitches want fuck. Mmmm and she craves to fuck
rwc 5 years ago
Great look body
I primise 5 years ago
I don't work on strong men only weak men
Goku Black 6 years ago
she's hot but wtf is this lmaooo
are you a racist 6 years ago
Why is it that you guys get stupid when you see interracial porn. These comments show your intelligence.